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Have you been traveling to the US for the first time? To make your trip happier, convenient and cheaper, it is advised to learn some do’s and don’ts before you fly to the US.

Undoubtedly, the US is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world even among Americans. Since it is diverse geographically, its every city has their own beauty and attraction to invite millions of travelers across the globe. No matter what culture, religion and tradition of American cities are, there are standard public rules and restrictions that every traveler need to follow.

Despite having difficulties in visa procedures, airport screenings, and expensive locations, the United States is still one of the relaxed places once you arrive in. However, US is the discipline country and have a few strict rules that every traveler has to follow and need to know about before coming to this place. To help you stay comfortable, this blog has covered some do’s and don’ts for travelers.

Don’t Try to See All the Sites in One Go

If you are traveling to the US for the first time and making a list of long destinations to explore in a single trip then, hold on! America is diverse and spans over 6 different time zones and every location is altogether different from one another. If you are trying to see all the tourist attractions with the single travel trip, you will definitely be exhausted. So instead of going wider, go deeper and schedule a few of your favorite destination initially.

Do Follow Traffic Rules

Every country has their own traffic rules and regulations. So don’t assume anything in the US to be same as like your own place, and advised to hire a taxi or public transport for traveling in case you are not having an American driving license.

Don’t Assume to Smoke Anywhere in the US

There are various countries where anti-smoking measures have been implemented and have strict measures against the smoking laws. If you’re traveling to the cities like Chicago, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami… always remember that smoking is strictly prohibited in clubs, bars, restaurants, and other indoor spaces. You need to use smoking areas to satisfy your thirst to puff.

Do Look For Quick Routes

There are various American Cities sharing their borders with the most popular tourist destinations. The best way to cover maximum destination on your first trip is to look for popular travel routes that you can cover in a short span of time. For example, book a flight from Tampa to Atlanta, DWF to LAX, Cheap flights from Atlanta to Miami and so on.

Don’t Use American Slang

There is no denying this fact that Americans take your words seriously and may feel insulted in case you’re using words associated with specific races or ethics. America has a different vocabulary so be sensitive and aware of your surroundings and try to speak like they used to do. Avoid using the words that you are not sure about or not heard commonly in the US.

Be Kind and Smile

The most appreciated thing about American destinations, people give you warm welcome by having a happy smile on their face. So you also keep your face happy and be kind with others while traveling to America. This is the unwritten golden rule that helps you mostly while traveling anywhere across the globe.

Turn your Dream American vacations into reality by simply keeping these few do’s and don’ts in mind and eliminate the fear of traveling to an unknown place. In addition, for more information, you can get in touch with a reliable travel agent that help you with flight bookings and guide about the US locations in detail.

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Dreaming a luxurious and stylish destination
wedding? Restricted to domestic locations? Don’t worry, you still have scenic
places that you might not realize. So ditch the passport and stay domestic and
pick a perfect spot to tie a knot in your favorite place. This blog has listed
best destination wedding locations that definitely make your D-DAY more
thrilling and memorable.

When it comes to planning a perfect destination
wedding, American cities deserve to be on your top wish list. Since, the US is
a diverse country and influenced by different cultures, races, landscapes, and
offering amazing views, top-notch services, and cultural experiences…many
people choose this place to make their special day more special and luxurious.
There’s a broad choice of locations in the US that hold your nuptials as
beautifully as you have planned. To help you start planning your destination
wedding with the right choice of location, we have done all the legwork for

Here are the few best locations where you can
organize a far-flung wedding celebration without breaking the bank:


There’s nothing as romantic and exciting as Los Angeles’ destination weddings. Propose the love lady of your life in your own cinematic style as LAX is one of the most popular romantic cities located in between the Hollywood dazzle and the natural wonders of the hills and coastline which make this location a perfect wedding venue. Whether your dream is to be married on the beach at sunset or a rustic mountain or on a ship, you can easily fulfill the dream with LA. If you really want to plan a perfect destination wedding on a totally extravagant location of LA, then book a flight from SFO to LAX with a right travel agency and make you traveling hassle free.

Las Vegas(LAS)

If you are planning to propose your lady on the beach side and want your nuptials to be held upon under the blue sky, then the iconic South Beaches of Las Vegas can offer you beautiful sites where you and your guest can enjoy sophisticated and traditional wedding moments. Apart from beachy wedding, LAS also offers you elegant ballrooms for the destination wedding and enables you to incorporate themed decoration to make your wedding venue simply look jaw-droppingly beautiful. The easiest and simplest ways to travel to LAS is to book a direct flight from SFO to Las Vegas to save a lot on your travel.


Scale up your wedding excitement by getting hitched in the city of bright lights. In fact, New York is the place where you and your guest will excitedly anticipate. From its Broadway shows, museums, and galleries, iconic skyscrapers, crazy nightclubs, five-star restaurants and block after block of tiny boutiques make this place a perfect choice for your wedding vacation. Aside from that, with the availability of world-class caters, florist, America’s best photographers, and wedding bands, you can make your wedding celebration as perfect as you always dream to have. Your guests may love the chance to catch New York’s beauty through your wedding invite. So don’t wait, book now a direct flight from SFO to JFK to grab the air tickets at the cheapest price.

How to Save on your Destination Wedding?

The biggest expense of the destination wedding is the airplane tickets and you can easily save a lot on your travel by getting your bookings done ahead or through a reliable travel agency. With easy to compare and online booking procedures, you can easily grab cheap flight deals and make your traveling cheaper and hassle-free.

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Confused with all the travel information available on the world wide web? With the growing trend of digitization, the internet has become a reliable source of information for many people. But don’t forget, that scammers are also sharing the same platform to mislead you. So when it comes to traveling, there’s a big question comes to your mind, whether you should use a travel agent or book your flight tickets online on your own? Let’s find the answer to your question in this blog…

No matter whether traveling internationally or planning a weekend in your neighboring city, flight tickets are the major element of your travel budget. And everyone wants to book their travel tickets at the cheapest price. Secondly, apart from booking a flight ticket, you always need to know the best thing about the destination you are traveling to. So how would you make your traveling cheaper, happier and hassle-free?

Looking for Cheap Flight Deals? Compare Your Deals online…

There are various travel agents that can ensure you cheapest price for your travel package, but how would you sure that its a cheapest price for your travel? Online flight booking websites bring transparency in your booking procedure, therefore provide you with hundreds of cheap flight deals to help you compare the best price. For instance, if you are travel from Chicago to Toronto, just enter cheap flights from ORD to YYZ, you will find a list of cheap deals and discount flight price.

Don’t Want to Pay Extra for Bookings? Book your Flight Online…

Having a limited travel budget? Looking for the ways to save some amount on your bookings? An easiest and simple ways to eliminate middleman fees is to book your flights online with a reliable flight booking website. While booking your flight online, you don’t need to pay an extra amount to an agent for your flight booking. For example, if you are looking for the flights from LAX to Dallas, then directly select your airlines and flight schedule and enter the travel dates along with passenger details to get your bookings done in a couple of seconds.

Flexible With Your Travel Plan? Book Online

The biggest advantage of booking your flights online is, you can easily overview an annual flight calendar along with the airfares. If you are a passionate traveler and flexible with travel dates and destination, then smart online search box will let you know the cheapest day to fly to your favorite destination without even draining your budget. On the other hand, travel agents will let you know the price for fixed dates and no facilities for flexible travel plans. No matter whether you are traveling from LAX to Mexico City or LOS to New York City, online flight booking website will always offer you cheap flight deals.

Want to Travel With Your Favorite Airlines? Go for Online Bookings

The travel agents may provide cheap flight tickets, but online flight booking always helps you to choose from the wide section of airlines and enables you to travel with all your comfort. With a strong collaboration with hundreds of airlines, they provide you an opportunity to fly with your favorite airlines without even paying any extra money.

Do you have any travel plan? Waiting for the travel deals? Quell your queries here and book your flight tickets online and get exclusive discount deals.

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Are you spending a long time booking your flight tickets? Searching for a great deal on your travel is really an overwhelming task. Since there are a number of factors to consider including airlines, fare class, prices, flight schedules, destination, date… it becomes daunting to compare cheap air flights through a travel agent.

Now the question arises in front of you, how to find cheap travel packages when it comes to traveling across the borders? When you know, when to fly and where to, you can easily compare the plethora of airlines and flights for your travel at Farehunt. Using their metasearch engine, you can seamlessly choose from more than 450 leading airlines for thousands of destinations across world-wide.

What Farehunt Can Offer You?

Being the most renowned travel agency in the U.S, they purely strive to cater Americans like you find cheap flight tickets in a fast turnaround. They Understand U.S better than other international airline brands, therefore they know how to focus on getting top deals at the lowest price to popular travel destinations and airlines that Americans love the most.

You must be in a doubt that how can we do this? It’s easy! With our strong collaboration with the world’s best airlines, we have direct dealing with the airlines, which allows us to get the best fares and airplane tickets to save you a big amount.

Now air ticket booking is no more far-fetched and time-consuming task for the travelers. Just let our experts know your travel interest, they will not only suggest you cheap airline flight booking option but also guide you best destinations to travel although under your budget limits.

Farehunt Flight Booking Reward Policy

Every company has their own offers and reward policies. As like others, Farehunt is also having its own loyalty program that enables you to enjoy a double discount on your travel. By booking a flight under any offer, generally you are not eligible for loyalty points but Farehunt adds those points to your account and enables you to save for your next trip! Before booking a cheap flight ticket with Farehunt, don’t forget to sign up for an account to avail loyalty rewards.

Booking Flight Tickets With Farehunt

Unlike other online travel agencies, booking a flight with Farehunt is completely a hassle-free and fairly a simple process. Let’s learn how to book a cheap air flight and find the cheap airfare deals here.

Searching Best Airlines and Cheap Air Flights At Farehunt

To begin your search process, make sure to tap on “Flights” on our homepage. Once you click the tab, our flight search box will open up, where you need to enter your origin and final destination, a number of passengers, airlines and travel date, to narrow down your flight options. Also, you can use advanced search options- low-cost air tickets, cheap flight deals, direct flights or refundable fares, fare class, lower prices on nearby dates, round-tip, multi-city, one-way trip, to make your search more specific.

Once you add all these filters, click the submit button and wait for results to load. Generally, the results will be displayed in price order, starting with the lowest and cheap flight tickets.

Seat Reservation With Farehunt

Once you find the broad flight options, hit the ‘Yellow Select’ button to check more flight details. The next window will show you the breakups of your flights along with the cost. As you scroll down, you may find other flight options with additional cost due to their timings or cabin class. Once you select the flight, the pop-up box will ask you to proceed with the payment. The final amount will automatically pick the cheapest flight deal applicable on your flight to help you save more.

Comparing the Flight Tickets

Our simple work mantra is to offer the best of best to the customers. Since we believe in building lifetime relations and becoming trusted travel partners of our clients, we @ Farehunt offering you “best price guarantee” on an online flight booking services. It is a best cheap flights comparison website that analyse the price of last two years and help you find the lowest airfare for your travel. If you find a lower price within 24 hours of booking anywhere else, we will refund the difference without any hesitation. You can place a claim by giving a call at customer support and get the issue resolved in next 24 working hours.

Enjoy refined travel experience and hassle free flight booking services of Farehunt

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List Of Best Website For Cheap Flights Booking

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